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I needed a larger bag than my Lowepro 302 AW camera bag which I love. In fact, problem was that I'd began packaging it so tightly that it finally started to rip. Not where the ballastic nylon is located but where the weaker nylon is woven into the bag.

After looking around I'd began to gavitate toward the Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW but when B&H Photo listed the Ruggard Thunderhead 75 camera bag on their daily deal for $99.00 I pulled the trigger on a purchased without hesitation. It arrived and I did an unboxing and a quick overview. A few days later I packed the bag with most of my gear to give you a look at just how feature rich the Ruggard Thunderhead 75 camera bag really is.

If I can get a few years out of the bag with moderate to heavy use then this bag is great value at its current price of $169.95 (at the time of this blog entry). Take a moment to share your opinion of the bag based on the video or your experience.

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